Israel is the Land of the Book of Books, the Bible and the great prophets, rich in history, archaeology, culture and nature. It's Capital City, Jerusalem, holy to the three monotheistic religions, is one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world. A tiny country, yet in such a small area you can find an astounding range of contrasts, the terrain takes on many forms, as if God had decided to display the full scope of his power in a single stretch of land.

Gold Carpet Touring Ltd. is an Israeli government licensed tour operator and a recognized promoter of tours to Israel established in 1996. The company specializes in private customized tours of Israel for individuals, families and groups, providing all land arrangements for the incoming tourist movement to Israel from arrival till departure.

For your vacation in Israel we have a fleet of tourist vehicles, supervised by our safety officer and, operated by our multilingual government licensed tour guides, which enable us to conduct our Israel tours in the most efficient, safe, interesting and comfortable way.

Travel Israel with our holy land tours that focus on various aspects such as contemporary Israel, religion, history, archaeology, farming, nature etc. combining special adventure activities such as Massada walking up, rafting, diving, jeep ride and sightseeing by helicopters and private planes as well.

We are confident that your trip in  Israel will be a most exciting experience, we hope to be at your service and to see you with us on one of our guided tours in Israel. As we say in Hebrew "Lehitraot" see you soon…